Start Cutting Ties With  Your Electric Monopoly Now

With a team having more than a decade of experience (Dirt-Free Power is a former subsidiary of a European alternative electricity multinational with the same core team) in implementing energy solutions for industrial and commercial customers in the United States and Europe, we are proud to be the First Commercial (Un)utility in the United States.

The controlling and opaque utility business model started by Thomas Edison in 1882 has its days counted and Dirt-Free Power is on a crusade to accelerate that end.

Technologically, the US is at the point in history where companies can produce and store their own power without having to rely on a monopolistic system that hasn’t changed at all in more than a century and that couldn’t care less about customers’ interests (operating expenses).

Large companies like Walmart, Kohl’s, Costco, Apple, Ikea, Macy’s, Johnson & Johnson, or Target have been executing on a strategy to ditch electric monopolies for the past decade. However, the small and medium-sized companies like yours we specialize in, which represent the bulk of GDP (70%) in this country, only started taking action recently. A seismic change is in the making, don’t be a laggard.

Dirt-Free Power will show you how producing and storing your company’s electricity with a smart electricity system that manages peak demand charges (usually 50% or more of commercial/industrial electric bills) will make you truly energy independent at a cost that makes total financial sense.

DFP’s solution eliminates anywhere from 20% to 100% of commercial and industrial electric bills, case specific, which makes us the pioneer in utility-defection solutions for small and medium-sized companies in the US.

What sets us apart from other companies is that:

  1. DFP is technology-agnostic, unlike most 21st century energy service companies out there. We provide customers with the solution that will cut their electricity expenses the most from day 1. This independence strengthens our brand every day. At the moment, we are focused on smart battery technology systems more than anything else.
  2.  DFP’s market segment focus is small and medium-sized companies (up to $1 billion in sales).
  3. DFP does not have a utility business model (controlling/monopolistic), unlike most of the alternative electricity companies in California and the rest of the US. With DFP, no long-term contracts you cannot get out of.

We almost only offer simple zero-down short-term operating leases (tax leases) that allow customers to take full ownership of their system at a low residual value at the end of the term (zero-down financing offered for this as well), a very simple structure that has been used for acquiring equipment in the US since the 1970s. This makes most projects cash-flow positive from day 1 (more money for the customer, not for the alternative electricity provider -or the electric monopoly-).

DFP’s revenue model is not designed to trap companies in long-term monopoly-style power purchase agreements (PPAs) or leases. 

It is time to start commoditizing the electricity market by ending third-party ownership of electricity generation and storage facilities (whether it is by a traditional electric monopoly or one of the new so-called ‘green utilities’). Electricity generation and storage facilities will be to buildings like restrooms and parking lots in the coming years, they will just come with them from day one.

DFP’s plan is to spend the next decade eliminating commercial/industrial electric bills and progressively add other services such as water bill saving solutions, as the net-zero regulations deadline for commercial buildings in California approaches (2030 is around the corner) and other US states and countries will follow.

The future is in self-sufficient smart buildings which also produce the ‘fuel’ for the transportation of their occupants and visitors. That’s why DFP’s mission is to ultimately become a leader in designing, building, and maintaining such buildings. In that future scenario, monopolies like electricity and water companies will play an extremely diminished role, same as landline telephony companies nowadays.

Dirt-Free Power is an end-to-end, full solution provider

Dirt-Free Power takes care of every step for you to power your company with a smart electricity system that manages demand charges, from design and simple financing to installation, ongoing monitoring, and alternative electricity incentives paperwork.

We make it easy and affordable for you to get off your electric monopoly’s hook as much as possible, with competitive prices and uncompromising service that have made us an industry leader.  Our unique 25-year warranty on the whole system, on top of all equipment manufacturers warranties, is setting the standard in the on-site electricity self-generation and storage space. 


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